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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 11, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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you opt out you could undercard declined if you don't have enough money in your cal. >> august 15th is the deadline for existing date customers to decide what they want to happen when the goods with their atm debit cards to make a purchase but don't have enough money in their account to cover it. to the what the transaction to be rejected or today what the bank to cover it for feed. it will be up to you to decide. in the past many banks automatically enrolled you in what they called courtesy overdraft protection. here's an example of that. that's a bit a gallon of milk for $3 and only had $2 in your account. without any notice to the bank would cover the transaction dollars. in some cases that was happening multiple times to customers causing them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of fees. now we will be up to you to decide whether you want to opt in or out of this type of overdraft protection yet to decide by august 15th and if you do nothing than your automatically be excluded. that means if you
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could switch your car don't have enough money in your account it will be rejected. and this does not apply to tracks and automatic bill payments those services are still subject to the banks subject over bandraft policy trade >> >> the recent layoff of 49 firefighters as compromise safety in san jose trade it is in the process of negotiating a new contract with the city in an exclusive interview with rob new fire chief willie macdonald weighs in on the controversy. >> for less injuns the we had a month ago and we have one less truck and so our capacity as last that was before. >> fire chief willie macdonald said his department will make do but to seize the layoff of 49 firefighters could have an impact in a worst-case scenario. >> this is a potential there will be some incidents that will occur maybes several fires of
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the same time that would stretch us. perhaps make is very thin in terms of the service we provide. >> union president said response times could be impacted in not just a fires but also to traffic accidents like this one that occurred outside city hall today. >> this in a matter of when or if it's just when there's going to be a loss on property or loss of life that will be directly linked to the loss of those firefighters and the engines they were on. >> he said the system allows collapsed recently when a pair of grass fires erupted simultaneously but she said there's no need to panic. >> we are thinner than we have been and we're malo staff departments you will see in terms of large did cities in the state california. we provide excellent service that's because of our fire fighters that provide that service. will continue to do >> that> employe relations manager in the meantime insist public safety remains the city's top priority and adding that the
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union will accept a 9% total compensation giveback those little fire fighters will be reinstated. in san jose kron 4 news. >> the largest in go group of people to be laid off in the bay area were invited to a job fair to set up just for them to date. mark jones was there as they showed up in droves looking for work. >> and at a jobs fair for former nummi employees and these are all those employees. truck after truck car after car lines of people can look at the line of traffic coming in. you talk about the recession and it's all about numbers but this is the recession that faces a 5400 people were laid off four months ago and you are still apparently looking for work. even they were stunned that so many had been so lucky. >> reality check. we figured more people would have jobs by now it's a sign of the times.
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>> dozens of the players were here though and they were offering jobs most were in engineering and electrical work. dozens had nothing to do with the auto industry. this is one of the auditoriums where there are least two more and oral pact with former nummi employees. i asked how many would find jobs i was told perhaps 20 percent but that won't happen overnight. the employees have scores of new resonates to look over. in pleasanton mark jones kron 4 news. >> please nevada were asking for help in identifying suspects in a shooting at hospitalize an 18 year-old man. shots were fired just before 10 last day as it happened here near the intersection of leaf would drive in sunset park way. the man was shot in the upper what bodies listed in critical but stable condition tonight. the suspect did get away the white vehicle so far no one of the snow. i knew website can now warn californians about run away sex offender parolees. this is from
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the department of corrections. lets people cited for e-mail alerts when police tried to escape by taking off their gps and go bracelet's. the web site includes names, descriptions, photos as well as where they were living. you can check out the web site by visiting look for our whats on the web section. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this is a sight that we don't use the see of this sort of covering oakland rate now also down the east bay shore. were seen in hayward along the peninsula and the clothes line trader satellite picture the fog to want to push back from the bay shore this afternoon temperatures are cooler in the area were the fog of non. let's take a look 59 san francisco, 60 redwood city, 64 oakland, 62 hayward. that does have an impact on the forecast when it doesn't push back. are in the spots which is seeing
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sunshine right now all of for 60s and low seventies for the most part. antioch it 70 degrees is our warm this location this afternoon tonight into tomorrow the fog is already in the bay so will continue to fill the bay this evening around 9:00 p.m.. was he the fog in our inland valleys tomorrow by 7:00 a.m. and will push back the bay shores will see the dense fog and drizzle as well as the coast line. tomorrow afternoon sunny skies temperatures are going to warm inland will see them back into the lower 80s for the most part. we will see big warming into this we can all the details on that coming up a bed. >> final touches are being applied to the richmond plunge this historic indoor pool is pretty much abandoned for the last 20 years but civic groups raise money they found grants to completely renovate the nearly 90 year-old building it is a labor of love for those involved. >> no one made a lot of money
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off this job and if they didn't want it back. >> officially known as the municipal mandatory on the plan to open 11 a.m. on saturday. we're taking a check on traffic this time 101 san jose this is not far from the guadalupe parkway and see not a lot of traffic in both directions it's moving well. ♪
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chanute's beers on the complice could now be in arkansas. federal authorities say john mccloskey and catherine welch also his cousin said they might have held up a beauty supply store this morning and it sold the spot where they were seen or suspected to been nearly 69 mi. from where they were spotted in montana on sunday john mccloskey escaped from a. investigators
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are taking a look at weather conditions on the plane crash yesterday that killed former alaska senator ted stevens and four others. the weather was rainy and windy when the plan plane slammed into the side of and on. rest your say that fisher is worn by the passengers actually help to act as a survival type. for survivors who were in critical and sears conditions. kinetic beer distributing seen reopen today there was a moment of silence in the parking lot before work began. the reopening comes eight days after police say company driver all are stored and shot eight people to death and wounded two others before killing themselves. >> look at extended forecast flocking cooler weather to continue for the rest the week but one up into the weekend and next week. will talk about it
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coming up a few minutes.
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water officials have identified 20 bay area creeks and rivers as impaired. traditionally that word as didn't use to content chemical and biological. does your trash and a lot of the waterways are in santa clara county including steven creek saratoga creek the guadalupe river. jeff bush went to san jose to get a close look at the trash. >> and here at the guadalupe river it took just a minute to walk down by the river bank and found all this stuff. ehrlich a bottle of mcdonald's cup trash can be found all along the guadalupe. a lot is old on the debt of the bowl plastic garbage but some is recognizable. someone discarded a shopping cart and another person to throw the futon frame. most of the trashers near the river but when the winter rain starts the water will rise and take this stuff with it. one of the were spots on the river is
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underneath fox were the road a looks like this spot is a popular place for a homeless encampment. look all this trash everything from candy wrappers to food containers to beer bottles to be seen under the bridge. that's not all from either side of the river is a bunch of stuff that looks like it was put there recently. the public of the to the river is ticking clock up their own pockets of the waterway. it breaks down into smaller pieces which makes it harder to clean up. some of the trash in and around the river may blow in from the roadway or may be washed into the river from a storm drain but from the looks of things most of it came from people who carelessly tossed aside. in san jose kron 4 news. >> >> >> the plan to enforce parking meters on sunday that has been put on hold they wanted a richly to test a program in the marina west portal hayes valley and the financial district also the richmond district. after research agencies decided not to
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go forward with the plan. the reporters say the plan was generated $2.8 million. opponents were saying it would simply drive away a lot of people who don't want a pay for parking. a possible fare increase of nearly 32 percent is coming to golden gate ferry riders. this means those who use translate or klipper transfer cards would have to pay 65¢ more. in sausalito riders would pay a $40 more. the proposed fee hike would take effect january 1st of course this is all part of the effort to close the big budget deficit. a public hearing has been scheduled for october 7th. a report just released by aaa northern california shows gas prices in the bay area are up again. the average price is $3.20 of 5¢ in july carried the average price in san francisco $3.20 oakland $3.21 san jose
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$3.20 and the national average $2.70. >> live look outside san francisco the low clouds the low ceiling: cutting all arriving flights up to our spirit were not used to seeing low clouds like this at this hour. you know what? its economy around the bay today. oakland, hayward on the peninsula and of a up and down the coast all shredded with those low clouds right now. clouds will pushing for the evening. temperatures are cooler with the cloud stuck on redwood city just 60 degrees, 64 oakland, a 50 that is san francisco, 57 along the coast. where inland spots are 18 today either. upper 60s and low '70's and 70 in antioch is a one is location this afternoon. fog will push back in this evening by tomorrow morning widespread fog will be patchy along the delta and patchy in land and in the south bay. the dense fog along the bay shore set up in the north bay a.m. were still
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going to be seeing fog in the north bay and throughout the bay shores. back to the city in the coast line by 11:00 in the morning. the fog will stay up and down the coast out there tomorrow as well. our temperatures for tomorrow very similar to today with one been exception during the spots back to the upper '70's low 80's. a mix of '60s and '70s in the north bay and '70s down into the south bay. we will seek what went up as we head into the weekend. the next couple of days will stick audion " but we of warmer dryer air that will build in through the weekend. as we head into next week will see temperatures that look like summer temperatures. 9 degrees and are inland spots to mid-70s around the bay but the coastline will still shrouded in fog so temperatures there only in the low 60s. to >> chp is cracking down again on drivers who talk undersell phones without using handsfree devices. the law went into
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effect about two years ago and more than two and 44,000 tickets have been issued statewide to drivers who clearly are not paying much attention. stanley roberts hit the road to fly rule breakers in this edition of people behaving badly. the chp plans to crack down on the those who ignore this self of law. you think drivers would mind appeasing cues wall behind the wheels of their automobiles that turned out not to be the case. let's watch the lady in a black mercedes. she is talking on her cell phone without a hands free device. she is so in grossed in her conversation she never noticed the chp cruiser pulling alongside her. this is just one of the drivers caught in a cell phone crack down taking place around the entire state of california. >> the reason the were being stopped, you were texting on your phone. >> this driver swore to the officer that she was only looking at her phone and never uses her cell phone.
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>> no, i do not use the phone. >> you do not use the phone at all? >> no, i don't. >> but, here is video i shot of her texting while sitting at the light. >> i road along with the marine officer of the chp, looking for cell phone violators and they were not hard to find. >> just go ahead and pull to the right. >> like this driver, she drove right past the officer while on her cellphone. she claimed her call was an emergency. >> your husband was calling you to let you know what? >> that he was fine. >> he was fine? >> ok, so it is not an emergency call. >> this driver was also seen on her cell phone. >> you were talking on the cellphone. >> i was making an appointment for my dog to get groomed. >> there was so many people on cell phones today all the officer had to do was walk up to a car. >> i am stopping you today for using your cell phone device while you are driving. >> i decided to ask this driver why she was on her phone without a hands free device. her response.... >> i can promise you i never do this. i have a bluetooth, my office is right there. my house
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is two seconds away. >> this driver was also caught not using his handsfree, but he thought getting caught on people behaving badly was... >> worse than the damn ticket. (laughter) >> in case you were wondering a cell phone ticket can cost you around $150. >> signature right here. you will get a notice in the mail in about two weeks. but being caught on people behaving badly can last forever. marin county, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> as always if you become a story idea for stanley e-mail us at bthe traffic headed our way from san mateo bridge traffic is moving pretty well. but first a programming note can't forget this friday nbc will air the giants gave silicon will carry nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. and ending at 10. much dateline nbc a 10:00 will have a
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special edition of kron 4 news. and doctors still could be seen friday at 3:00 p.m..
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the desert is on highway 4 this chp and its bart police taking part in the pursuit with the help of a helicopter. the motors are being advised to be extra cautious in that area. and under way since about 4:45 p.m. authorities won't say why they're pursuing a vehicle. will get you more details as they develop. live in the news room kron 4 news. >> for those of you out there tried to cut calories would produce three is here to show us some salads that are not really a great choice. >> man's health dhaka put together a list of salads from restaurants and fast-food joints let's take a look at some of the worst offenders. the first one we have as wendy's chicken deal to with croutons and honey dijon dressing and at 860 cals you
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could order this order a single bird with the bidding on it and decide salad and still save nearly 300 cals. this one is filled with sugar coated pecan server code cranberries at people blue cheese and bread chicken that's it adds up to nearly 1,400 cals and this is tegea friday's pecan crust and sell it. this is california pizza kitchens waldorf chicken salad its nearly 1,500 cals which is nearly 575% of your daily allotment of calories. if you like to check out this entire list visit visit our whats on the web section. >> the judge to sentence the low and has removed herself from this case. and that's lines in the right this is after prosecutors complained that judge are shut improperly contacted a rehab center about low hands court ordered treatment. a spokeswoman for the d.a. said that judging properly
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communicated several times with participants of experts and did not have a prosecutor present which are supposed to do. a different judge has now been assigned to the case. stay with us will be right back.
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